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Social Media Data - Twitter Integration - Part I

We will begin our exploration of social media data integration with a look at Twitter. Getting the D

Getting the Data

In order to access Twitter data we will configure a Twitter Import action in Flow.



Flows Twitter integration interface provides a direct generic wrapper on the Twitter REST API. 

There is an Import Type for each Twitter API endpoint. The endpoints correspond directly to the parameters and documentation here

In this instance we will run a Twitter/Search import. This import searches all twitter status data and returns result based on the supplied query.

We map the parameter to our search term Data Science.

We map the count parameter to 100 in order to return one hundred results.


 Running the workflow action executes the import. Twitter data is loaded into Flows memory.


The Twitter import executed loading in a generic data collection with 100 items and 456 data points.

Watch the video below to see the Flow in action:


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